What Is Technical SEO & How To Implement

What Is Technical SEO & How To Implement

What is Technical SEO & How to Implement

What is Technical SEO & How to Implement – Is your site technical enough to stand all the eligibilities that it takes to rank high? Do you what is technical SEO and to implement it on your website? If not, then you are at the right place. Technical SEO is pretty much important for any website or online business to get success in the digital world. Here we will all the important aspects of technical SEO and the steps to implement it directly.


What is Technical SEO & How to Implement

Technical SEO holds a lot of value in terms of everything for a website or online businesses. This comes up with a lot of benefits ranging from high ranks, genuine traffic etc. to name a few. Every website wishes to see their business or services growing to the fullest and that can be accomplished with the right steps.

What is technical SEO?

Technical search engine optimization is basically a process that describes the effort of the webmaster. This is the insurance of a website that it is compatible with all the search engine guidelines. The websites with better technical SEO can be ranked and indexed instantly for keyphrase searches accordingly. Technical SEO is not as time-consuming as other optimization processes are.

Steps to implement technical SEO correctly

Technical SEO can benefit you a lot and the reasons are pretty obvious. If not implemented correctly it can even ruin our brand image. Technical SEO is one of the important aspects of top search engines. Below mentioned are some of the best tips and methods to implement technical SEO appropriately.

Check indexing

Indexing is probably one of the most important aspects of the technical SEO. So, start with the checking of the number of pages that are indexed. You can either do this by entering the domain name or simply by using SEO crawler. This number should be largely proportional to the total number of pages on your site, minus the ones you don’t want to be indexed. If the gap is too big that what you have expected then you need to do something about the pages.

Make important pages crawlable

There are many methods through which you can check your site’s crawlable. Robots.txt is one of the many ways to check if your main resources are being crawled or not. If you are not satisfied with this method then you can also use search engine optimization crawler to check the list of blocked pages and other related pages. This is important because Google would not index your pages if they are not crawled in the first place.

Optimize the crawl budget

Crawl budget it basically the number of a site’s pages that are being crawled by the search engines in a given period of time. You can also get an idea of your crawl budget through various techniques, Google search console being one of them. Crawl budget should be high if your crawl budget is not high then you must find ways to increase it and act on them. If you do not know how to technically increase your crawl budget then below mentioned are some of the ways to ponder on.

  • Get rid of the duplicate pages first.
  • Also, make sure to prevent the pages from being indexed that are of no use to SEO.
  • Fix broken links to your website.

Audit the internal links

Internal linking is very important for the website’s success. It helps in increasing the spreading power of page ranks. Also, a good and logical site structure usually impresses the audience to the most. Below mentioned are some of the things that you can check while auditing the internal links.

  1. Click depth that means try to keep your website as shallow as possible.
  2. Broken links.
  3. Redirect links.


I hope this have been useful for you in some way or the other. Also, I hope this article might have brushed up your knowledge in terms of technical SEO and its implementation. So, go ahead and make your website technically fit for the search engines right now.

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