What Is Google Pigeon

What Is Google Pigeon

What Is Google Pigeon

What is Google pigeon

What is Google Pigeon – Do you want your local business to get famous and get more search results? If yes, then you really need to know about Google pigeon. Local search results have been extremely important and now is no different. Every business be it small or large requires the appropriate marketing strategies so that you can get more customers and viewers. Here we will throw some light on what is Google pigeon all about.


What is Google pigeon

Local search is very important, even the smallest of business with strong online presence can do well. Google pigeon is really very effective and all for the good reasons. If you own an online business and want to make it successful then you should really use this update from Google.

What actually is Google pigeon?

Google pigeon is the name given to the Google’s new local search algorithm updates. This came into introduction on July 24, 2014. The major aim of Google pigeon is to increase the local listing in a search. It is way too beneficial for all the local business owners. It allows them to create awareness about their products or services to the people. This update has taken local searches to the whole new level.

Features of Google pigeon

Google pigeon is one of the most effective and beneficial updates by Google. It has been proved to be really important for the local services for the obvious reasons. If you want your website to rank high and attain more search results then below mentioned are the detailed feature of Google pigeon that you need to know about.

  • Earlier Google search and Google map were two different set of results. But with Google pigeon these both are now more cohesive. It is beneficial because people can easily find you on that basis of location and eventually you will get more better results.
  • Local results are very closely tied to more traditional web ranking signals.
  • Google pigeon update is more accurate and specific for the yelp oriented queries.
  • This update also gives better search recognition to other local directories.
  • Google pigeon is the biggest local search algorithm in existence today.
  • Google pigeon has improved the location ranking parameters.

Benefits of Google’s local algorithm update – Google pigeon

Google’s local algorithm update i.e. Google pigeon has completely changed the local searches criteria. Now people can easily find what they want in their area. Not only customers are in benefit but the business owners too, they are getting more positive response from the people. It will align your address, phone number and other relevant information so that the customer can get what they desire. Not only this, but your automotive SEO will get improved too. It will provide the business listings which will have a positive impact on your rankings.

What is Google’s pigeon effect on search results?

The main purpose of Google pigeon is to provide preference to the local search results. This has not only proved useful to the users but also to the local business owners. It had several good and bad reviews, but the good ones prevailed. Google pigeon has location and distance as the key part of the search strategy. This has another features like Google knowledge graph, spelling corrections, synonyms etc. So overall Google pigeon has a lot of impact on the local search results in good ways.


Google pigeon is now very famous for the good reasons. This is one of Google major updates that has completely taken over the local search results. Local searches are very important for any business to excel in their respective field. Earlier it was not easy for local business to get attention and more sales but now with this local search algorithm update, things are easy to handle. Therefore, if you were not using this amazing update then it is time now for you to provide your business the benefits Google pigeon has to offer.

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