Meta Description And Its Role In Seo

Meta Description and Its Role in SEO

Meta Description and Its Role in SEO

Meta Description and Its Role in SEO

Meta Description and Its Role in SEO – You might have heard of the term Meta description if you are in SEO world. But do you actually know its importance in the search engine optimization? It is really very important to grab the attention of people. It is a brief description or summary of the content that lets people know about the content. Here you will get to know everything about what  Meta description is and its role in SEO.


Meta Description and Its Role in SEO

If you really want to make the space among viewers then a creative and compelling Meta description is all you need. It plays a very important role in the SEO world. Meta description is also known as snippet of the content. The correct usage of Meta description will bring higher ranks, more traffic, more conversions and sales and much more. If you want to make your mark in the SEO then it is really important to learn about the basics of Meta description.

What is Meta description?

Meta descriptions are the HTML attributes that provides brief explanation of the contents of the web page. They are commonly used on the search engine result pages to display preview fragments of the given page. Meta description should be optimally round 150 to 160 characters. People often mistook it for a ranking factor. Though it is not a ranking factor but can be used to gain attention of people.

Importance of Meta description in SEO

Meta descriptions are not important to search engine rankings but they are very important in gaining click through from search engine page results. These short paragraphs of information allow you to let people know that whether the content contains the information they are looking for or not. A smartly written Meta description can improve the conversions and overall performance of your content or website.

Tips to write better Meta description in web pages

You might have heard it a zillion times that the content you write for the website should be for the users first and search engines second. In the same way, Meta descriptions should be attractive enough to compel user to stick to your page. Below mentioned are some of the tactics in SEO that can help you to write a better Meta description.

  • A good Meta description should be extremely concise. Try to frame the Meta description in 155 characters or less. This way you will be able to present your sentence or information perfectly and more people will get attracted.
  • It is very important to write Meta description keeping users in mind. Another important step is to concisely articulate your value proposition. Your Meta description should include everything in relation to what you are offering in terms of products or services.
  • Your Meta descriptions should not look like a hub of unnecessarily used keywords. It should be welcoming and attract people to the most extent.
  • If you are in the marketing field then the best way to put Meta description is with a short call to a short call to action at the end is a great way to boost the click through rates.
  • Try to incorporate the names of certain clients and industries so that you can get more clicks through rate.
  • Meta description might not get you higher ranks but they can definitely help you to be found on the internet with the correct usage of keywords.


Meta descriptions are a vital part of the SEO world. It is not mandatory to use them in every web page or content. But when they are used, they can improve the overall performance of your website. If you were looking to fetch information on Meta description then I hope this might have helpful a bit. Meta descriptions could be really beneficial for your web pages and websites if you will use them appropriately. So next time you put a meta description do not forget to make it concise and creative.

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